Friday, March 16, 2007

Stacie Orrico.Do You Practice What You Preach?

Stacie Orrico as we all know started out as a contemporary christian singer.She released her first album "Genuine" on Forefront Records.She was succesful and even went on a tour with Destinys Child. On her return she said it in an interviwe that there was nothing wrong with goin on tour with the girls of Destinys Child and that just bcos she went on a tour with them doesnt mean she will start dressing like them.

She then moved to Virgin records and relesed her self titled Cd,which got her grammy and dove award nominations.In another interview she stated that she doesnt want young girls to expose their bodies but put on clothes that are not revealing.

Now she is out with another album "Beautiful Awakening" and in a photoshoot her back is like exposed(see d pic). Will u now tell me that Stacie Orrico is different from other artists who just come out and try to make everyone think they are so holy. If she is actually true to her words,she wont were d top shown in the picture cos it reveals her back! I dont understand y she had to say something and she could not follow her own words. According to Black Eyed Peas 'Do u practice what u preach?'

I still love u Stacie but i'll fiind it had to believe anything u say in future. Sorry!

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