Friday, January 18, 2008

An Apology To Stacie Orrico

I am a fan of Stacie Orrico. I love her music and I believe shae has a wonderful voice. Sometime last year, i posted an article on this blog saying she does not practice what she preaches after I saw a particular picture of her. I said that I was not going to believe anything she says again.

Its not about if she saw the blog or not and it is definetly not about if she read the blog or not. It is also definetly not about if she reads this apology or not. I just want to say I am sorry for the post. It was childish and very immature. I am sorry for judging her and doubting her christianity because I have come to realize that being a christian is mostly about your relationship with God and no one else. If she says she doesn't want to do Christian music again or whatever, it is between her and God not me. I am sorry agin Stacie and I still feel you, anytime, anyday.

PS: I love the Genuine album!

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  1. Hi. You've got a nice blog and I hope to read more from you.


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