Friday, February 6, 2009

25 Random Things About Moi!!!

I did this on facebook so I decided to do it here

1. I pray to God almost every minute. Most times I am asking for forgivenness or grace.

2. I used to have a very sick obsession with Beyonce... now I can't stand her

3. I find it hard to trust people. I need your prayers on that 1

4. I am very un-materialistic and sometimes its bad

5. I found a way to get over Raven Symone and it wasn't easy

6. I hate seeing guys who sag their trousers to the extent that all their butt stick out. They give a new meaning to d word razz

7. Although I dont really like Camp Rock, i always listen to the soundtrack. When I watch the moie I foward it to the songs. Same with Mamma Mia, Hairspray and The Cheetah Girls 1 and 2 (Although I like the other movies)

8. I respect Bill Cosby very very very very well

9. There was a time I wanted to be like Kanye West. yes. No one ever knew.

10. I want to go to Australia...cuz of Hillsong

11. I hte watching MTV. The name should be changed from Music Television to Reality Show Television because thats what they show now.

12. I am not vain. When I am bored I love taking pictures of myself

13. I am not a fan of EBONY, JET, BET... I guess you know why... We should forget the past and try to integrate...that is what Jesus will want

14. Ever since I started listening to Joyce Meyer, I have had a new attitude towards life

15. I am a sweet tooth

16. I cherish family and friends a lot

17. I could be very mush mushy

18. Stiff and uptight people irritate me

19. I can't stand boring lectures. I always end up sleeping

20. I find girls with high fashion taste very attractive. Girls who dress like Blake Lively, Jenny from Gossip Girl, Leighton Meister, Raven Symone, Racheal Washington, Stacie Orrico..the girls from Out of know the whole pencil jeans, shorts, sleevless tops, flowing skirts, cute tiny jackets..yea..i find em attractive

21. I hope to marry a latina someday

22. I am called to ministry...TV and Media

23. I love to be the friend you can always confide in..tell all your fears, worries,aspirations

24. I love giving advice from the Bible



  1. You cant stand Beyonce, wetin she do?

    You are always asking God for forgiveness or grace. Let's see, do you sin every minutes? (lol)

    Well praying to God all the time means you are really a Talker. I bet

  2. Raven Symone? Praise be to God the craze is over.

    Australia's great. Have wonderful postcards, could send you one. lol.

    I feel you: Joyce Meyer's amazing.

    Latina's? Who wouldn't want one, they're all just so beautiful. lol.

    Whats not to love about your blog? Your a terrific blogger.

    Beyonce? Why?

    Advice? The bible is the standard of our lives, it's wonderful to give advice from it.

  3. Latina keh? Please what happened to your Nigerian sisters?

  4. They are OK, no doubting that but I just love the latinas...something about them


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