Monday, September 14, 2009

The 2009 VMA Stunt: Pulled by Kanye West

OK. First, I will have to say that this is the most ridiculous stunt pulled by anybody in an award show. I did not watch the full ceremony 'cause I mean I rarely listen to 95% of the artist that will be there so whats the point? Anyways, Taylor Swift had just one her award for best female video and was about giving her acceptace speech when Kanye shows up from no where.. takes Taylor's microphone and says that Beyonce had the best video and blah blah blah... He then gives Taylor back the microphone and walks off the stage... Please? Taylor is stunned and can't finish her speech...Beyonce is there..looking all suprised/embarassed (although I could see her trynna supress a smile).Later when Beyonce wins an award, she invites Taylor to come and get her moment back..and guess what...they are both putting on red. Guess what? Taylor was rockin white when Kanye was having his moment...
Please, this is hollywood. People do anything to get noticed. It all had to have been planned. I know it in my heart. You may not agree with me now but soon and very soon..y'all will agree with me...Trust me... As one of my friends on facebook said.. you wont be suprised when you hear a song called "Stupid" by Kanye West fetauring Taylor Swift and Beyonce will have a cameo in the music video.
Nice try MTV. I mean we know your "reality" is never reality. Shows like "The Hills" can testify. Try something else OK... You did not fool any of us... Go check Youtube if you dont believe me
PS: Study Kanye and Taylor's picture..she is smiling...(Just saying)


  1. Lol haha harry it's ok.
    It's not that serios o bro.

  2. Kanye was ejected from the building after that outburst. He got a whole lot of folks riled up and that was too wrong for MTV to pull a stunt like that. There's a limit to how far reality TV can go.

  3. @Controversy... I know it's not that serious but I want MTV to know that they did not fool us
    @Invisible... Yes oh....MTV went too far... At least sum1 agrees with me

  4. U SERIOUS?????????????........MTV COULD HAVE DONE BETTER................


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