Tuesday, January 5, 2010

He said.. she said... Who cares what they say?

No one can judge me at ALL!!!

Thanks Stacie for confirming this... it is so through... it is a new year so all em haters can you PUMP your breaks????

I know and I am  confident that 2010 is my year. God is confirming his word and I am so grateful... I am just praying that all the haters should stay away... People have been saying a whole lot of crappy things about me but I am choosing to turn a deaf ear to them... In the owrds of my sister " I am like Mt Zion that shall not be moved"...

I am in school now and exams startt next week so I may no be consistent with blogging activities on Bloville but my spirit is herte... I will blog when I can and comment on your blogs when I can...

Apparently, Tyra Banks is ending her show this year... and I was so happy when I heard Oprah was calling it quits mainly because of her and she breaks my heart with this news... considering the fact that I have been praying for a chance to appear on The Tyra Show... Please Tyra don't end it...yet... Please... She says she wants to focus on Top Model (No offense but I find that show... No comments)

Imma hola back soon guys.. enjoy your week and rememeber He that dwells in the secret palce of the Most High, shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty...

Have a blessed week...



  1. Nice one Harry, all the best in school..

  2. Happy New Year. Surely your spirit is with us at blogville. All the best in school.

  3. yeah wishing you good luck in your exam,cheers

  4. Aww,the Tyra story breaks ma heart too.....Love your template!


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