Wednesday, June 8, 2011

What a funny way to make babies

I saw this picture on BlackBerry Messenger and I found it completely hilarious. 

We could not stop laughing after we saw the picture. We even tried to imagine how it will go. Maybe the soon to be parents will visit the site ( When they get there they will fill out a form that will ask for their details from height to IQ. After that is done, the site will compute the data and say "Retrieve baby now" and boom the baby comes out of the printer.

Easy right? 

The picture got me laughing but still I stopped to think, we really are going digital. I am not saying we are going to be needing computers to make babies but the digital revolution is taking over our lives and as weird as it sounds it is scary. With the amount of information available online about everyone, e reach to fear oh!!!

To other things, the Nigerian Blog Awards is here again and I would appreciate if you nominate me in any area you see fit. I love the Nigerian Blog Awards and I support it like to the core so please. Nominate me, it is going to mean a lot to me. Visit here to nominate.



  1. lol....dat picture is sooooooo funny LMAO. i will nominate you, nominate me too oh

  2. It sure is scary the way internet has taken over us and relationships. People rarely talk to one another. I know I am guilty sometimes. Is this a personal blog? I will nominate you

  3. LOL couldn't stop laughing too when I saw the picture too.

  4. Nominated bruv :) You are light.
    BTW, that picture is too much. Was telling Tolu Ogunlesi on twitter the other day how tech determinist tend to see a way of advocating for technology in everything! Hmm...
    But would tech really be all the world would need in the future? Would there be something else?

    - LDP

  5. Thanks guys for the comments. Nominating all of y'all :)


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