Friday, March 9, 2007

At the Fourth National Youth Conference

The National Youth Conference with Pastor Chris was held in Lagos, Nigeria at the National Stadium, Surulere. It was a wonderful 2-day event that started on the 23rd of Feb to d 24th. The place was packed with over 10,000 youths in attendance.

The friday edition was an all nite service and was filled with dance,music and lots of prayer.Pastor Chris preached on The Theory Of Nations. He expaline d concepts nation, nationalism,state, statehood, ethnicity and also explained d difference btw nationhod and statehood.

He den talked about the Holy Spirit.He stressed dat every christian needs d Holy Spiritand also the anoiting for expansion which he called d Mishak anoiting which he gave to d crowd thru d direction of the Holy Spirit at d end of d service dat night.

D second service to was cool as d dance and music was wonderful.Pastor Chris preacher on d future of nations.he stressed on loyalty and dat citizens of a country should be 100% loyal 2 dier country.
The conference was wonderful.I dont regret going at all.It was a blessing to me and when he does another one...I sure will attend!

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  1. Not bad for a first shot. You can look back with genuine pride! You've obviously come a long way since then


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