Friday, February 8, 2008

Just Wonderin...

I am just wonderin...

Why people are ashamed of their family and friends when they are poor but openly brag about them when they have money.

Why we call ourselves Christians but refuse to be called born-again forgetting that Christian=Born-again.

Why the people we look up to, fail us and those we least expect come and rescue us.

Why Out of Eden had a very quiet exit and some artists(not calling any names) had a very popular exit.

Why facebook is more popular than hi5 and Myspace.

Why God makes good people go through a whole lot of bad to bring out the good in them and makes bad people go through a whole lot of good to bring out the bad in them.

Why bad is accepted and good is disrespected.

Why not drinking and smoking makes me less of a person that I am.

This is a crazy world/...

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  1. Hey Harry. I expected your call yesterday. Lost your number and would like to have it back.


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