Friday, April 4, 2008

The Wonderful Life of Us

I was watching an episode of Disney’s Hit TV Series That’s So Raven called ‘Members only’ and I came to realize that I and two of my close female friends are more like Raven, Eddie and Chelsea. I know it sounds weird and all and psychotic to some people but the truth is the episode opened my eyes to many things. I realized I had friends who I am myself with and whom I almost consider as family.

Bunmi and Glory are a part of the few female friends I have in Covenant University that I am close to. Apart from being YWAP members, we are also classmates and seatmates. We have our own seat in class and funny thing is no one seats there because everyone knows that is where we sit. We practically do stuff together; read books, go to the cafeteria together, hangout whenever we have the time to, crash parties together (not major parties though), gossip together (in a very holy fashion I should add), sit together in chapel services and special events alongside other YWAP members, basically we just have fun and enjoy our company. We also get into trouble together sometimes or we put one of us in trouble. We tell ourselves the truth and we can’t stay mad at ourselves for long. We are always there for one another and we 'diss' ourselves well.

In this particular episode of ‘That’s So Raven’, Raven and Chelsea convince Eddie to join the Sigma Brothers who happen to be the most popular guys in their school. Watching Raven, Eddie and Chelsea made me realize that friends like these are hard to find anywhere. These girls (Bunmi and Glory) and I share memorable experiences with both students and lecturers. I can easily give us our roles;

Bunmi Obanawu (Raven Baxter): Bunmi like Raven is very determined and when she puts her mind to something, she likes to follow it through. She is free-spirited and could be a nagging pain sometimes but also loves to have fun the best way she knows how. So like Raven.

Glory Onyema (Chelsea Daniels): Glory like Chelsea is light skinned with long hair. I have to add that. She is very optimistic and has a large heart. She loves to see the fun side of everything and makes you laugh by just watching her talk

And I, Harry Itie (Eddie Thomas): I’m like Eddie. I love my girls more than they know. They can be a pain and get on my nerves at times. They can embarrass me at times too but I can’t imagine a day in school without them. I enjoy their company and talk some sense into them once in a while.

In the end I realize now that I have friends money cannot buy and I won’t let them slip away. All the memories we share, I am so keeping to the end. These friends are so forever.


  1. ...i'm sorry. where do i come in in all of dis?...i'm jealous o...jus so u know

  2. Don't be...I love you all d same..even if i don't konw who you are

  3. Friends? I am still in the process of getting the definition of it!

    Nice blog!!


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