Monday, August 11, 2008


It is no longer news that I am plagued with inferiority complex,

Aint it obvious?

From the way I walk to the way I talk to the way I walk,

You will know I am battling with low self-esteem, insecurities and acceptance.

It sucks, aint it?

That someone like me, someone so cool is plagued with this complex, straight from the pit of hell.

Yeah, that is too extreme right?

However, it is just the gospel truth.

Sometimes I walk and fear people hate on me,

Sometimes I talk and feel people are making jest of me,

Sometimes I dance and feel people are not feeling my dance routines,

Sometimes I laugh and I am like “hope I didn’t spit on you?”

Yeah, it is bad, aint it?

I know, I know you think I am a freak,


I am not.

For I am a guy who wants people to laugh when I’m laughing,

I am one, who wants to talk and get a standing ovation,

I am one who wants to have a friend, who will feel me despite my shortcomings,

I am one, who is haunted by my past and cannot walk straight with God,

I am one who wants people to like me for who I am and not for the big front I put up,

Maybe that is the reason I have this complex,

Maybe it is why I feel no one likes me and everyone has something bad to say about me,

However, maybe

If I fix my eyes on Jesus,

If I put my all in Him,

If I make him my center, beginning an end,

Then maybe

He will show me what to do,

He will accept me despite my shortcomings,

He will love me unconditionally,

In addition, He will kill this inferiority complex inside.

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