Saturday, November 22, 2008

Look Into My Heart...

I need You to look into my heart,
Can you see something familiar?
A longing that goes on and on.
Can You stare into my heart?
And see how much I am lost without You?
I can't seem to find my way when I am not with You,
And most times I feel disconnected from You.
It's like my whole world has come down crashing,
And I don't think I can live another day.
Why Lord, Why did You make me like this?
Why did You put this 'this thing' in me.
Do I really need You to survive?
'Cause I am guessing I can really do without you?

Can I? Sorry I take that back!

I need You to look into my heart,
Because I love You more than anything.
Please Father, look into my heart.
And see how much I long to please You.
Jesus, my heart belongs to You,
I have devoted my heart to the One True God,
The One who loved me before I knew my name.
I might err, I might fall off track.
I might wallow in guilt, self pity and continue in the sin I was rescued from,
But if You look into my heart,
You will realize that like David, I am after Your heart.

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  1. I like the resolution...the questioning and the answers.Nice! Nice! Nice!


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