Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Group 1 Crew Update

Got this in one of my Group 1 Crew subscriptions and decided to share it with you...
The Group Scoop

Top Ten things Blanca loves about Christmastime:

10. Cool weather in Orlando! ( I don't know if I could handle up north weather though, only to visit)
9. Christmas music! It just makes you feel happy:)
8. Buying presents for people I love
7. Pulling out my cool jackets and boots
6. Decorating the tree with my mom (we do it every year together)
5. Sleeping! It always feels so good to snuggle up in thick blankets when it's cold outside
4. I love the smells of Christmas: pine trees, vanilla, baked cookies and fresh air!
3. Vacation time:) We usually take time off during December to relax and go on vacations.
2. My mom's baked goods. She always goes crazy baking around Christmas
1. Being close to all my family

I can't believe Christmas is already around the corner... it feels like just yesterday we were getting ready to head out on Winter Jam! I think this year went by way, way too fast, but I must say, when I look back at what a year we've had, it's been an incredible year.

So click here to check out one of my favorite quotes from a great movie!

Make the best out of your holiday season!!

Much love,

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