Monday, December 8, 2008

My Experience at 'The Experience 2008'

I was at The Experience 2008 and trust me it was way better than last years own. Yes. i say it again. It was way better. Some of you may say it's a lie but trust my judgement on this one. it was amazing.

First, we all where getting hyped with Muyiwa from London, Midnight Crew and Chevelle Franklin. Yeah, I skipped Dekunle Fuji because he did not meet my expectations at all but Midnight Crew and Jamaican Chevelle rocked the house.

After them came Fred Hammond who was exceptionally good and Mary Mary never failed. They even sang the National Anthem and they sang it better than some Nigerians would. But the fun started at about 1 am when the rain started. At first it was just drizzling but later on it began to POUR! I was under the rain and trust me, it was a very 'amazing' rain. We started to pray and as we prayed it began to pour more. I knew it in my heart that it was warfare. The sound equipment blew but I loved the fact that in the midst of all these, we kept on worshipping. it was amazing as Israel Houghton, Don Moen, Donnie McClurkin along with the other artists kept on leading worship songs with no instruments to accompany them. We didn't here from Kirk Franklin and Kurt Carr but I am sure they were around there, helping out the best way they could.

Chris Tomlin's 'How Great Is Our God' was sung by every artist who ministered. That song is powerful and the song is now one of my favourites. The Experience 2008 was amazing because now I see God in a different light. Thank you Pastor Paul Adefarasin. I can't wait for next year.


  1. hey..stumbled on ur blog while doing 'research' :) and just wanted to let you know that OneSpeed Productions, the outfit behind TY Bello's Green Land is having a music competition. check my blog for details...

  2. p.s love the fact that they carried on worshipping even after the equipment gave way..God is great!

  3. It's good to see a MIMI comment here. Harry, sorry I couldn't make I said I would. THere were a lot of complications in my logistics. Wish I were there!


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