Saturday, December 13, 2008

Update On Me


1. I am currently reading 'The Veritas Conflict' by Shaunti Feldhahn
2. I just got Ted Dekker's book 'Sinner'
3. I want to do something like what Farfina did but it will be strictly gospel.
4. I don't want o defile myself by eating the kings meat, I have been bought with a price by a much higher King.
5. My laptop charger is spoilt so I can't assess my laptop. I miss my new 'How You Live' album by Point of Grace
6. I am trying to get my self toghether alongside my dreams and asspirations.
7. I am baout to sign out so one Love!

The Talkaholic



  1. You've been tagged. Please visit my blog for details.

    Hey, how was that Ted Dekker's book? I was really disappointed at Saint! It was too much like the Bourne Identity trilogy thingy! But how was Sinner?

  2. :) how is the ted dekker book??? thanks for putting up the sidelinks!!

    :) will look forward to your gospel farafina-like event!

  3. Well to Seye and Mimi- I have not finished Sinner and It is amazing...i have not read Saint but I have read Showdown...Ted Dekker is awesome and to Mimi my event is coming soon...keep ur fingers crossed


Oya you sef talk ya own!!!