Monday, February 2, 2009

Goodbye Sharpay Evans meet Mandy Gilbert

Yes... Ashley Tisdale just keeps proving to me that she is an incredible actress. You know I was supposed to watch Eagle Eye, well somehow I ended up watching High School Musical 3 and Picture This. Truth is, I really wasnt interested in watching any of these movies but I changed my mind and even if High School Musical 3 was a NO!NO!! for me(We'll talk about that later. I don't know why Disney ahs to exhust all its good movies. It makes them look like Nigerian films). Anyways, I decided to watch Picture This and even if it is the "boy meets girl" kinda movie, it was cool seing Ashley act like a normal average teenager instead of the very annoying Sharpay. Yes, Sharpay could be annoying!

In this movie, Ashley is Mandy Gilbert, a loner in her high school, wanting to be noticed by the hottest guy in school Drew Patterson. Anyways, most of the movie happened in one day, and it was cool as Ashley tries hard to get the guy of her life while dealing with her over-protective father and the popular girls in school.

As I said earlier on, it is your typical high school movie. What I just love was Ashley's performance. She is good. I am also happy she has broken from the "Disney" whatever . I thank God they will not exhaust her like they did to my darling Raven Symone. I think Ashley is cool and she is a good actress. Far better than Miley Cyrus and Vanessa Hudgens. Hey! It's my opinion.

Anyways, High School Musical 3: Senior Year and Picture This are available on DVD. Go check them out and see Ashley's brillaint performances in both. Now, I think i'll go see Seven Pounds. I love Will Smith. I think Eagle Eye can wait.

PS: Ashley Tisdale is listed in Forbes 10 Top-Paid Young Entertainers and she has a movie coming out in July called 'They Came From Upstairs'


  1. Ashleys great. Yeah, think she's better than Miley Cyrus... Raven Simmons even... hey, it's just my opinion...

  2. Don't go see's not so good, like you only even understand the movies at the end. Yes! go see just the end. I saw a couple of weeks ago, and i slept in the theatre...honestly, i SLEPT through a WILL SMITH movie. Can you believe that?

    Don't go see it.

    I like the HSM 3 songs, a lot of high school movies are cliche so wadyu expect? but it has really good songs. My fave HSM actor is Ryan Evans(dunno his real name) cuz he's got a really good voice and harmonises really well.

  3. And Harry, you need to get over Raven Symone..i've said this before. Get over her!!!

  4. Ryan Evans' name is Lucas Grabeel and it is pronouced GRAY-beel... and gime some credit i am so over Raven!


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