Monday, March 9, 2009

It Has Been Two Years...

Today makes it two years I have been in Blogville. It has been an amazing experience and God has been with me EVERY step of the way, ordering my steps and my writings. As at this time last year, I was a poor writer...honestly but now I have improved. It is just so amazing. I remember my first post, It was about the National Youth Conference with Pastor Chris and I now wrote again about how much I loved Out of Eden. Then, blogging to me was just about Out of Eden and Gotee Records.

In 2008, I didn't write any post in the month of March and in April I published a post on my best friends, Bunmi and Glory who are currently co-presenters with me on The Talkaholic Video Series (The Talkaholic Video Series has been static 'cause we are having trouble uploading the videos to Youtube). I am so grateful to God for giving me a chance and a tool to serve him and have fun at the same time. I am glad I am able to share experiences that can change the lives of people.

So to everyone who supports my blog, thank you. To my darling sisters Mimi and Tsema, Seye, Tobi, Peter, Ijeoma, EmJoy, Ejizzle (My Nos.1 fan) and everyone who gives me an idea here or there thank you. To my friends on blogville...Aloofa, Mimi, Favoured Girl and my web friends who encourage me; Calvin, Michealla et all. Thank you and God bless youamd know that YADA is coming really soon!


The Talkaholic

PS: Kirk Franklin's Hide Me is the song that TOTALLY explains the point I am in right now


I know You see us
I know you hear us
And You fill us when we pray
You understand us, See deep inside us
Translate tears and take them away
I'm a be honest, There are times
Your ways and method's, I don't understand
It seems so far, Tell me who You are
I know your touch, but can't see Your plan.
I'm lost in this thing called life,
Left to me now feels right
It's Your turn now, I wanna be where you are

Hide me
Let me live behind You
Cause I need
Shelter from the rain
Remind me
The only way my faith can grow
Is when You let Your winds blow
You're making me stronger now, so rain,
Don't go away
Don't go away

I'd admit
It'd be nice
To have some light shine down on me
When, Lord I shall be, You don't always let me see
It ain't easy,
But I'm trying hard to get out of Your way
To believe
That what You say
That my change begins today.
The road includes some pain,
And to grow you need some rain
And when it falls, I wanna be where You are

Cause there's some much I see
Needs to grow inside of me
In the fire I realize
Before I live, I have to die
Please believe me when I say
I can't waste another day
It's so easy to complain
But complain don't make a change
Not the victim anymore
All the things God has in store
If I ain't ready don't let the rain
Go away
Don't go away

Hide me
Cause I need
Remind me
The only way my faith can grow
Is when You let Your winds blow
You're making me stronger now

You're making me stronger now
You made me stronger now

He made me stronger now
She made me stronger now
They made me stronger now

You made me stronger now

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