Monday, March 2, 2009

P.S. I Love You

Yes. I sometimes like the mushy mushy movies and it is not my fault. I love to love and see people love themselves. If you have seen this movie, you might understand what I am trying to say. First, Hilary Swank never disappoints. OK, I have seen her in like just 2 movies i.e Freedom Writers' Diary and this one and she was amazing.

The movie is based on the book authored by Cecelia Ahern. It is about a couple who live on the lower east side of Manhattan. Holly(Hilary Swank) is a real estate agent while Gerry(Gerard Butler) runs a limo business. Anyways, the two are crazy in love with each other until Gerry dies due to a brain tumor. Hurt and in pain, Holly lives in seclusion until finally on her 30th birthday she receives a gift in the presence of her mum(Kathy Bates), her best friend Denise (Lisa Kudrow; FRIENDS!!!!!!), her husband's partner John (James Marsters) and his wife Sharon (Gina Gershon). The gift is a birthday cake and a tape player with a tape and instructions to follow by her late husband. After that she receives numerous letters from him signed P.S I Love You.

One thing I loved about the movie was the love Holly and Gerry had for each other. It's kind of like the one Benjamin Button had with Daisy in The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. Their love was unfailing and every single letter showed that he loved her more than she could ever imagine. I mean he knew that after he died, she wasn't gonna leave the house. In the end, the letters help her get over the loss of her husband and move on with her life.

I consider this movie a classic. I know there will come a time when I wont be able to watch it again but I know that day will come when I will also drop notes for that special person, I will be very much me. I will prove my love not just by words, but by actions, by sacrifice, by enduring, by respecting. I will go out of my way to make sure that I put her needs before mine. I will make sure that she knows and understand that whether I am close by or far away, whether I am happy or grumpy, when I am frail and old and her beauty has faded with age, I will be able to say P.S. I Love You!

Till my next post, I remain

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P.S. - P.S. means Post Script and it is usually added to the end of a letter after the signature.


  1. nice blog. love ur blog. its style i unique and i am interested in the project.

  2. 1 of my fave books n d movie was gr8 too! :-)


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