Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Kiss And Tell

Hey! I started a new blog and it's call Kiss and Tell... you will love it!


The candid stories of twins, Bolu and Bola.

Have you met Bolu and Bola Abayomi-Coker? They are extremely different twins and when I mean different, I mean words and opposite different. Some people find it hard to believe they come from the same house.

Bolu: Age-20. Student, Nigeria International University, Abuja. The Guy. Single. Poet. Nerd. Bookworm. Rather stay indoors and read than party. First Class student. The ‘good’ kid. Parent’s greatest joy/asset. Single. Searching for another kind of love. Behind in the fashion/cool department. About to graduate from the University. Rock & Rap music only. Plays all the instruments and is a best friend to his sister.

Bola: Age-20. Student, Nigeria International University, Abuja. The Chic. The relationship one. Hip. Trendsetter. Loves to hangout and party with her girlfriends. Average student. A successful fashion designer. Has her very own car. All genres of music apply. Plays the guitar and is a best friend to her brother... and Boma.

Read their candid adventures through life. Hear their stories about life, love, dating, sex and a God they cannot see. The only thing they have in common apart from their DNA is the fact that they always KISS AND TELL!!!

Remember, there are TWIN sides to a story...

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Oya you sef talk ya own!!!