Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The Talkaholic Video Series 002: To Kiss Or Not to Kiss

I love visiting Everytime I visit the site I am always inspired. Today's episode of the show is inspired by Scott Croft's article on Boundless. To read the article copy and paste this link on your browser.

Enjoy this epsiode as it features music from Out of Eden and I am also joined with my lovely co-presenters; Bunmi and Glory. Dont forget to drop your comments... Trotcha!

NOTE: Please use earphones... thank you! and dont forget to visit the Kiss And Tell blog at


  1. i think it isnt easy to just draw the line at one thing, because its difficult know exactly what's in the person's mind. But if ur seriously connecting with someone, u kiss them to show them that u want to be close to them. Kissing alot of times does lead to other stuff but it is ur responsibility to have open communication by letting the other person know what u feel comfortable with. Sex is very physical but it's also pyschological. Don't say stuff like "its ok as long as we don't have actual intercourse" regardless of what you do, u have to maintain purity of ur mind and all ur intentions. Well that's it for me, keep it up Rami, luv u loads, IJ

  2. Thanks IJ for your comment. I agree that sex is very psychological and the mind has to remain pure

  3. Glory make sense. I concur with Glory's view as at the first. it really is an expression of good love but kissin is not demanded to certify a relationship, it is not necessary to express ur love with a kiss in a relationship. Jus simply prove your love and commitment sufficiently- not kissin however may be a proof of commitment. Its not compulsory and basis for any relationship.
    There you go.

  4. I believe that nothing is wrong with kissing but it can lead to other things if it is not controlled. I think this generation does not really know how to separate just general kissing from making out. When you make out it has a purpose because it is either supplementing for sex or a process that leads to sex. This has been a issue that I have gone through just like everyone else and I don't believe that if we are trying to live saved life then making out with someone is only going to enhance our desire to have sex.

    Great Blog Harry! Keep it up!



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