Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Random Discussions: Girl Power and the Emasculation of Men

I know for decades and centuries, women have been treated as objects and regarded as the weaker sex, well, I see why the women had to go and protest and all but please, it is getting too much. If the women claim we are 'equal' before God, why then the saying what a man can do a woman can do better... or why do guys have to go ladies first or stand up when they come to the table or pull out the chair for them or open the car door for them... why all the serenere... I mean...we are all equal... why do they have to make the men feel less than what they are... why? I need opinions people...

NOTE: Please no hate remarks... Thanks


  1. We probably may be equal but we are not the same, i.e. we are not of the same nature simply. Girls GENERALLY are emotional and more feeling than men, they actually want to be taken care of. And there really is a relationship between gentlemen and ladies, there is a way gentlemen should behave and ladies should likewise especially relative to the other. So we may really be equal having equal rights and all but we are of differnt characteristics and we should simply just fit into our potentials and limitations. A man cannot play the role of a woman and vise-versa neither should a man play the role of a woman to a man(you cant treat a woman like she were a man). That's what makes us man and woman (different but equal).

  2. If we have different characteristics...whats the deal with the whole what a man can do a woman can do better?

  3. im sorry but i have to agree with Harry alot of women seem to want to eat their cake and have it too. if you want to be treated as an equal with a man then you should expect to be treated like "one of the guys" because in my opinion thats what equality is about being trated the same.

  4. Firstly, most of these started at a time after the dark ages when knights had to go to war and leave their properties behind. Women were left to handle things and because they did so well, they soon developed a certain level of respect which lead to sayings like "...what a man can do a woman can do better" and the concept of "chivalry"

    These ideologies are not meant to make men feel less than what they are...most men only assume that. However recent facts prove that in today's world women thrive more than men; and apparently most men decide to take the back seat because they're intimidated.

    However it is not a matter of eating your cake and having it, it is only a simple matter of chivalry not being lost.

  5. I don't think this makes men feel any less of themselves if they are a real man. A true gentlemen knows that the lady he is with deserves the respect and care that he gives her through acts like this. Women should also know that these acts are given to them graciously by men and they shouldn't be taken for granted.

  6. Let me say it this way. I beliieve that men and women are equal in there own right, there are no doubt differences between men and women but we are still equal haves of one part. all that aside if a women works so hard to be seen as equal to a man than i think she deserves to be treated like one i do not mean patting her on the butt but at the same time she should not expect me to open doors or talk differently around her just because she is a woman not to say that i can not help her out when she needs it but i will only do what i would do for a male co worker.

  7. Well said guys, I love how you guys draw your arguements. Thank you Ibukun for the historical reference. Thanks also to Calvin and Ifeanyi


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