Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The Man Victor Oladokun

I am so excited I can hardly speak. I met Victor Oladokun of CBN and Turning point ONE ON ONE!!! I still have not recovered from the speech he gave at the Covenant University Convocation Lecture this morning or the Symposuim he had with the College of Human Development this afternoon. I mean it was a blast. He gave me so much inspiration and the encouragement that I needed. I mean, thank God for him. He even called me brilliant when I asked a question. I am so happy he was a blessing to me. He spoke to us about creativity and innovation and how we are in the era of democratization of technology. He also told us that to be succesful in the broadcast media we had to follow the laws of the media and also research. It was so much fun and he signed my book 'Every Young Man's Battle by Fred Stoeker'. Anyways, I am so inspired right now and I give all the praise to God. Thank you Mr Oladokun for this gift. I am forever grateful to you.


  1. Great man of God. its amazing how he just keeps going after all these years.


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