Friday, July 24, 2009


Is it just me or has anyone wondered what exactly is good in Nigeria? Well, I have. A lot of times, to be more precise. I guess you won’t be blame though. In a country where there is no electricity, no consistent water supply, I mean in a country were nothing ‘appears’ to be working, it won’t come as a shock to find out what is good in the country. As Nathanael said to Philip “Can there any good thing come out of Nazareth?” so do the people of this nation and the world in general ask “Can there any good come out of Nigeria?” Personally, there is good in Nigeria. Whether the good is out or is about to come out the truth is there is good on Nigeria and in a matter of time this good will show.

I know you are wondering what the good is in this country. If you are Nigerian, you must have probably said that the country is heading for disaster and that with nothing working in the nation it is probably a much messed up nation with no good. If you are not a Nigerian, you will probably be saying that there can be no good in the nation because of the news you have heard about the internet scams and maybe because of Ms Winfrey (Don’t ask. That’s a post for another day). The truth is Nigeria has good and that good is in the youth.

I just bust your bubble. I know. You were probably expecting a long list of all the things that work in Nigeria but I am not giving you that. You probably know that already. You know all the resources we have and how much is in our reserve and blah blah blah. Truth is that is not the good. I mean these ‘things’ that we call good have been there since independence and what’s the story? You probably know it better than me so I will not call that good.

The youth is the good in Nigeria because they are the ones that can transform this nation. The young people are the ones with ideas, they are problem solvers, they know what’s up, and they can effect this change more than anyone else. They are the good this nation has.
So what are the youths doing about Nigeria’s problems? Sometimes I ask myself, do we know that the future and the advancement of this nation rest on our shoulders? Do we know that it will take more than concerts and reality shows to transform this nation? Your guess is as good as mine. The reality that it will take upright young people, filled with integrity who are change driven and knowledge seekers to change the way this nation is. I mean we learn from our mistakes but what happens when the people to cause a change have no clue the root cause of every mistake made by the older generation.

Let us leave the older generation alone. At least they tried. What we need now is a transformation from the inside out. Our mindset needs to be changed. We start thinking big and outside the box that has held us captive for God knows how long. We need to expand our horizons, research and look for ways through which we can better Nigeria. Our agenda now should not be how to be a big boy or how to become the most popular chic in Lagos. It should not be how to throw the largest parties on the face of the globe or how to become a big celebrity. Our agenda now should be Operation Transform Nigeria. Let us go back to the drawing board and look for where all the mistakes were made. Then we create a plan on how we can cause a change and affect our generation and make Nigeria a wonderful place for our children. It starts with you. No be una say little drops of water make a mighty ocean???

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