Friday, August 14, 2009

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Bibles Unbound

August 13, 2009

On Aug. 5, Bibles Unbound reached an exciting milestone with the shipment of the ONE MILLIONTH NEW TESTAMENT! That New Testament, bound for China, was sponsored through our virtual mailing program by BU participant Mary in Crane, Texas.

In February 2006, VOM launched a project to let Christians like you send New Testaments into restricted nations — places where our brothers and sisters cannot simply go to a Christian bookstore and pick up a copy of the Bible. Our persecuted brothers and sisters joined in the project by collecting names and addresses of those who would be blessed by receiving God's Word. Our readers responded excitedly, and New Testaments began to go out from every part of the United States to hostile nations all over the world.

With your help, in just 42 months we have shipped the story of God's love for all mankind and his free offer of salvation through Christ to non-believers in several restricted nations.

Bibles Unbound is a team effort, and God has called together a wonderful team. We are so grateful to believers like you all across the United States who have provided New Testaments to people in countries such as Colombia, China, North Korea and Egypt. We are also thankful to the faithful Christians living inside these restricted and hostile nations who take great risks to supply names and addresses of those needing God's Word. With both standard and covert operations, Bibles Unbound is a unique tool to spread the gospel inside restricted nations.

If you have mailed or sponsored New Testaments, THANK YOU for helping reach this great milestone!

If you want to become part of this incredible ministry, please consider joining Bibles Unbound today. You can join us for future milestones of getting God's Word into hostile countries: 2 million....10 million...and more! To God be the glory! You can sign up, or simply get more information, at

With God's help, BU has reached an incredible milestone. But millions of people around the world are still waiting. Will you help get the word of God to them?

For Those in Bonds,

Tom White

Tom White

VOM Executive Director

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