Saturday, August 22, 2009

Nigeria we hail thee...

I love my country. With all the drama and all the.. you know now... It is still an amazing country. There are so many things going down in Nigeria right now and I want to share some of them with you.

Nigeria is the world's darkest nation
As in, I am not surprised. I am just thankful to God that finally,we have had light for 12 hours straight. Hallelujah! Well, the article is in Tell Magazine if you don't believe me.

CBN and its sanitization of Nigerian banks
Well, Sanusi means business oh. Hmmn, he recently removed 5 bank CEOs (Is that legal) and he has declared many top people including Femi Otedola, Aliko Dangote and Jimoh Ibrahim as owing banks major cash. Dangote claims he has paid of his loans though. Well, Sanusi is gonna be hearing from their lawyers I guess. Due to all of this, our financial rating has been downgraded on the international stage. Also, Cecelia Ibru's lawyer ahs already contacted the CBN. Hmmn, this is gonna be good

ASUU Strike... Can they just stop
Y'all may say I am in a private University so what do I know. Please. ASUU should give it a rest. Students have been out of school for over a month and when they resume they will be writing exams on topics they have not treated in class. It is messed up honestly. I know a couple of peeps at home who are already frustrated because some people are thinking of their stomachs instead of the students who need an education. Funny thing is most of the peeps at ASUU have kids in private universities. Classic hun?

Nigeria Musicians are going on a HUNGER Strike to fight Piracy

Honestly, this one is too funny. They actually think the wisest way to fight piracy is by going on strike. What do I know? Well, they want to stop accepting offers to perform and all till piracy is fought. I can't even laugh. When I read it in yesterday's Punch, I had to wonder who will lose. The musicians who need money from shows and endorsements or the pirates. Well, your guess is as good as mine. They also declared September 1st as No Music Day. They are going to order all broadcast stations in Nigeria not to play music and no artist will perform on that day. The downside is, its just one day. I can live without listening to music from Nigerian radio or TV. Second, I'll just watch MTV, BET or Channel O. They will most definitely play a Nigerian song (If I am desperate to here one) also I have an iPod or some music device. Honestly, I think they should revisit this action. I love you guys too much for this.

This is whats up for now... Imma be back with more 9ja news



  1. this might be off topic but have been looking for an answer to this burning question for a long while.
    I am Nigerian(Proudly) and stay in the states now and have been looking for Nigerian TV stations for a while.I do know quite a bit about p2p streaming and it beats my imagination that Ghanaian,Senegalese,Somalian TV Stations on these software while Nigeria is no where to be found.


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