Tuesday, August 25, 2009

A Readers Comment on The Third Podcast...

This comment was amazing, I juts had to share it. Enjoy...

Nah mehn, the whole marriage ‘shizzle’ ... what is Steve saying "this might possible be the person" ... marriage is not compulsory ... I'd rather be single than marry the wrong person! The #1 criteria for marriage is Love but that doesn’t necessarily mean marriage and since we are coming from a spiritual point of view, religion or spirituality is an added bonus to marriage, there are people out there who don't believe in anything and have a greater, stronger and better marriage
than other people, I mean, when my parents got married, they weren’t Christians, my mum became a Christian and took my dad to church and there you have it.

Plus, we have our idea of the kinda girl you want ... but you need to ask yourselves, "when we get what you want, will you want what you get?" Remember, the fact that she is skinny and "bootilicious!" now does not mean after you get married, she will remain bootilicious, what do you do then? Dump her? Divorce her? Because i don’t believe in Divorce, I think Marriage is a sensitive topic and blah blah blah .... it is a mix of complicated feelings and emotions and should not be taken likely.

Yes, you have to find her, The bible sez "HE that FINDETH a WIFE findeth a good thing and obtaineth favour from the Lord", not she that findeth a husband, so you can sit down and dull yourself .... but your wife will not come to you!

If she doesn’t have the fear of God and you are sure that this the woman for you, it MAY be that you are meant to minister to her (remember, I said MAY) and sow a seed in her life and wait for it (that is if you believe she is the one) ... and remember, different seed have their different times ... a bean/corn seed grows in 3 days, but a mustard tree does not wake up a mustard tree, it has a significantly long way to go. And her beauty (I don't believe) will fade ... you said the bible says "the fear of the lord is the beginning or WISDOM" ... not the beginning of BEAUTY.

I understand that you shouldn’t be moved by the way she moves and blah blah blah ... but how are you gonna get attracted to a girl that smells like a toilet, looks like an egyptian mummy and walks likes she’s got golden balls in her pants .... how do you get attracted to someone you don’t know, if you are not suppose to be moved by the way she looks/acts? That is what pulls people, if she's razz, and you dont like it ... like one of the people on the show said, "one man's food is another man's poison! “They'd rather have you be yourself?”, what do you do when you are not good enough? You understand that if you want something bad, you will go the distance to get it. You can see she is high standards but you are the one who is attracted to her, if you want her, bring her down to your level or get to her levels, abi?

Wish I was on the show, can you connect to the UK? Lol ... Laters

Josh, AJ (England, UK)

Amazing, hun. Listen to the podcast here or download here

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