Sunday, September 13, 2009

The Blood Covenant

I have not felt like this in a long time. Honestly speaking. I feel on top of the world. I can see the hand of God over my life. So many things have been happening and though they did not make sense at first. They are making perfect sense now. I am so grateful to God for the amazing and wonderful things that he does and is doing in my life.

I was in Church today and it was a communion service and truthfully speaking, I have not been in a service like that in a long time. It was so amazing, just being there in the presence of the Most High. The pastor, Paul Adefarasin then took the time to truly explain the depth of the price that was paied on Calvary and also the importance of the Holy Communion/ It was an amazing... to think that God could do all that he did and that Jesus could shed his blood for the eternal remission of the sins of the WORLD!!! I am forever thankful and indebted to this God. I have no other choice but to serve him. You may not understand but I do... I really do. I want you to take time now and consider your ways. Remember the Blood Covenant that was made on Calvary. You have been bought with a price. Become useful to your maker. Align yourself with the plan of God for your life and I assure you, your life will not remain the same. I leave you with songs that actually are "on point" for this season.

Enjoy the sings and to my Jewish brothers and sisters in Christ, I say Happy Rosh Hashanah. God bless you!

Hillsong- Worthy is the Lamb

Hillsong- You Are

Hillsong- Savior

Hillsong- At The Cross

Hillsong- Stronger


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