Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The Danfo Experience

If you dwell and reside in Lasgidi (Lagos), you should be familiar with the Danfo. It is a yellow and black bus that has been used as a major means of transportation for as long as I can remember. I know I have been in ALL forms of transport and the danfo always amazes me everytime I enter it. There is always something new you always encounter
It could be the woman who is complaing that she did'nt hear that the bus fare was N100 instead of N70 or the man who wants to beat up the conductor because the conductor has not given him his change. The one that is really crazy is seating with a FAT woman...OMG!!! The bus will be so tight... OR the market women transporting fish from Oyingbo (which is close to my house) to Ikeja or Iyana Ipaja. Mehn! I hate entering those kind of buses.
The danfo buses are very very very very not every lagosians dream trust me. The thing is we dont have a choice. We have to keep entering them, enduring the smell of fish, understanding with the fat lady who will refuse to move in the bus, forgive and forget our N10 with the bus conductor and run after the danfo when it is scarce...Hmmnnn...Enough said...I need to rest.... I am gonna go hustle for a Danfo by morning. I need my rest.


  1. I entered one when last month after almost two years of esaping it but its not fun, its hot but all the drama with the conductor gets me all the time

  2. Eyah..I am guessing you had fun???(wink)


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