Friday, September 25, 2009

Is it you?

You know how you meet someone for the first time and it is like you have finally met The One...
Do you ever get that feeling? Because, right now, that is how I feel...
What do i do???


  1. Pray about it! it would also be good if you dismiss the thought for a while.. dont do anything...and wait if God does something about it!

  2. hey i saw ur comment on ma blog. sorry i havnt even checked back since i dont have much time on the internet as much as i would wish to. saw ur writings make sense . i read some would try to read others. i must confess i am envious of your blog. are you published yet? im working on a chicken -shit of a story. hope to communicate more with you. later

  3. eMJOY said...
    first of all pray. n dnt go after the one with ur desire. but let things unfold well gradually. I heard that "If u love sth let it go, if its urs it will come back to you"
    JOY bro


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