Monday, November 30, 2009

It's been a long time...

Hey blogville,

Music Playing- Stacie Orrico’s Beautiful Awakening

How is it?? What has been happening??? It’s been almost a week since I was here last and honestly, I missed y’all.

Nothing major has happened besides the fact that I am super excited that this Friday is The Experience concert. May I add here that this concert is the biggest gospel concert in THE WORLD (I think)? Anyways, I am excited because I know it’s going to be major fun… and I am going to see Mr. Kirk Franklin LIVE!!! (I hope he sings ‘How It Used to be’. I am so in love with that song). Also, Friday is the day we go home. Our school is closing on Friday and I can’t wait to go home. It has been an amazing year and I am thankful to God for how things have gone. I also will be going to see that “2012” movie that everyone has been screaming about. They say the movie is based on the prophecy by some woman that the world is coming to an end in 2012. I am not saying anything. Lemme just go and see the movie first before I start drawing any conclusions.

I saw the movie for “Dead Like Me” and although it was cool seeing an older version of Jasmine Guy, the movie was just twisted… yes it is good entertainment but plesase… I mean their version of the creation story is so excessive…

Finally, I got to watch GREASE!!!! That movie is like a classic and I have been dying to watch it and I did. I am not going to review the movie but all I know is that it was good to see a very young John Travolta… I need to see more classics so if you have an idea to how I can watch Gone with the Wind, Casablanca and My Fair Lady… holler me.

Thanks to Blogratti… Here are my plans for the week

1. Spend time in constant communion with God (You don’t want to know what has been going on)

2. Submit the corrected versions of my chapters 1-3 before I go home

3. Get her phone number

4. Make Glory’s birthday on Wednesday and unforgettable one

5. Make sure our film blog is ready fro submission by Thursday

So those are my plans. I hope they all work out… till my next post….


PS: I also want to reduce my sugar intake and Trotcha is a word I formed and it means Wishing you love, peace and happiness.


  1. ok,your plans are good,have a nice week

  2. Hey,glad to be of help and all the best as you plan for the week ahead.

  3. First of, experience 'is' the biggest gospel concert in the world. 2ndly we can go watch the movie 2012 together. Yay! and also figurrine if it's still showing.
    3rdly I got my fair lady(great movie)and gone with the wind(lovely).
    finally can't wait for you to come home. Go Anani!

  4. Have a nice week and hope you get your number 2 plan done especially. Enjoy the break.

  5. @Muyiwa... thanks.. I intend to achieve them all
    @Blogoratti.... sorry for miss spelling your name..wasn't 2 sure....
    @Mimi... can't w8 2 see u 2..wat happened 2 d other blog??? always have my best interest at heart...


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