Wednesday, November 4, 2009


This post is dedicated to my elder sister, Tsema Okoye. Happy Birthday Sis... I love you

What is love? People have different definitions of love but the most popular among Christian folk is that God is love and he loved us first and that we love him because he loved us first.

But someone asks how are you sure you love God if you have never been in love? I mean if you have never tasted milk; how are you sure that when someone actually offers you a glass of milk, the person is not offering you a soda.

I don't know if you feel me?

I was watching 'The Notebook' and Ryan Gosling who plays the role of Young Noah said something that I loved.

"The best love is the kind that awakens the soul and makes us wish for more; plants a fire in our hearts and brings peace to our minds"

Personally, I think this quote describes the love that God has for us. First, it awakens our soul. The love of God keeps us refreshed and we feel like we can get through the day and overcome what ever tribulation that cna come our way. Second, it makes us wish for more. Everyday spent in constant fellowship with God leaves us wanting more. It is so amazing when we don't want to leave whenever we are in His presence. this is because His love has a way of enveloping us and making us feel safe and secure. Thirdly, it plants a fire in our hearts. This is synonymous with being on fire for God. When we are at this point we can do ANYTHING for God and we are always eager to seek His face. The last is that it brings peace to our minds. That part is so amazing because Jesus is know as the Price of Peace. Hallelujah! When we experience the love of God, we know and we are confident that he watches over us and no evil can come near our dwelling... The Bible adds that He will fight for us and we shall have our peace.

With this understanding, we gradually get to the point where we are loving God more and more. We know that no HUMAN BEING on the face of the earth can love us the way he does. We begin to lonmg for His presence and we crave him like we are addicted... that is the point when we can genuinely say that we love the Lord and we will do anything for Him.


PS: Remember what He did at Calvary. That is enough reason to love him. Enjoy this song by Sho Baraka.

Sho Baraka- Higher Love

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