Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Nkem Owoh has been KIDNAPPED

NA WAH ohh!!!

In the mouth of 2-3 witnesses a thing is confirmed, apparently popular Nigerian actor Nkem Owoh has been kidnapped...

Yes oh... according to this source and this source and this source, he was kidnapped last Saturday along Enugu/ Port Harcourt road and  guess how much they want for ransom... 15 million Naira...

First, it was uncle Pete and now it is Osoufia... Abeg who is next??? If I was an actor, I'd call for back-up or ask for angelic protection...

This is serious... somehting needs to be done... AND FAST!!!!

PS: According to Linda Ikeji's blog... Mercy Johnson wants to go into music

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  1. Lol @ angelic protection..
    Lmao u think it's cool..

  2. ha ha ha...lol
    For real they kidnapped Uncle Pete?

  3. I heard the news and it sounded like comedy in my ears. Maybe its becuz the dude is a comedian that I found it hard to take the news serious...

    As for Mercy Johnson...say whaaat???

  4. @Afronuts... Mercy Johnson's gist surprised me 2...


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