Tuesday, November 17, 2009

On YADA: Calling all bloggers

Hey guys... YADA November is out and it rocks... I am guessing you know that... anyways... You guys can start to send your articles now for the December issue...
 Here are a couple of guidelines though

1: Every blogger or writer should submit at least 5 pictures. not scanned. good bright pictures with moderate or Good enough smiles

2. Every Bloggers Article should come in before the 25th of this month please. I would need to really get good Pictures.

3: Anyone sending pictures should make sure they are high resolution and of High quality.

4:We don't use scanned pictures

Plus every writer should put a brief write up about their writing lives. it for the page that shows our contributors. we want to make avenue for other magazine to feature you on an article....

Thanks guys.. and keep reading YADA...

PS: You can also be a guest writer on our YADA blog


  1. Thanks Harry will think about this. Why is the pictures (5) necessary?

  2. @ Myne...So we can choose the best of the 5..will love for you to contribute though...


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