Thursday, November 19, 2009

Reflections... What's happening now

Hello Blogville,
How are y'all doing??? Before I start rambling I want to thank EVERY blogger who has visited my blog and the Kiss & Tell blog. Thank you so much. You do not know how much it means to see to come around and see new comments or new followers. Also to everybody that has seen YADA and sent me an email as regards the issue, thank you. I appreciate it and all the suggestions will be looked at. Also, we are still accepting articles so guys bring it on...

Now to the real deal, things are major messed up in school. To those of you who don't know, I am in my final year at Covenant University (...YAY!!) and I am busy with my final year project. Anyways, I am supposed to submit my chapters 2 and three on Tuesday so I decided to get to work. I got to my room and guess what... my laptop started acting up and my charger has stopped working. Can you believe it? What am I gonna do now? Chapter 2 is supposed to be literature review and ALL the literature I am to review are on the laptop...

You may be wondering so is that his problem??? Well hello??? My laptop contains very vital informatioon important to me and my life and future.. if it aint working I should be bothered...

Well, I have to go now sha... I just had to put something down today... I took kool pictures today sha...

Not to sound conceited but for a weird reason... I think I look good

Funto looks amazing here...and too think she was rushing to class... hmmnn... I should go into photo journalism

Me again
Please pray for my laptop


PS: I have a feeling of nostalgia... I saw my high school year book


  1. Funto is pretty, is she your GF? Didn't know you were at Covenant. Nice one and your pics too. LOL. Hope your LAppy gets better soon.

  2. Is that your baby girl,Good luck on your project

  3. @Azael... I know...
    @Myne...yeah she is and she is not my is a close friend tho... I think I am changing my prayer... I need a new laptop...

  4. Godspeed on the Project man.... You're on the threshold.. Just do it....

  5. @Muyiwa... she is not my baby girl oh... she is a friend
    @Bagucci...thanks man..did u see my post on hillsong?

  6. LOL...

    And what makes u so sure u'll make a good photo journalist? Shoot more pics and proove it to us.

    Do u attend convenant university? Ur surroundings look like it

  7. @Afronuts... I will take more pictures... I assure you and yes I am a Covenant University student...

  8. Yup. Yes ur lookin good there o.
    I pray u sure hav SUCCESS wit ur final year assignments n I pray dat laptop does surely recover or u surely recover all d info u need from it in good time. IJN.Amen
    JOY bra

  9. i just want to congraculate you for the job well done. For a first year student, you've done me proud and by the grace of God you will reach the heights you dream of. Are we not eagles who fly higher than all the birds in the sky.


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