Thursday, December 31, 2009

Au Revoir 2009... 2010... HERE WE COME!!!

Let's be real, 2009 was not really THE YEAR for most of us (OK for the peeps, I know, the year sucked!).But for me to say that 2009 was not a remarkable year, I will be lying... So I think I need to count my blessings and I will do it monthly

January... Hmmn, the month was just there, nothing really happened in this month. I fellin love with Hillsong in January sha. I also saw Ben Carson for like 2 minutes in my school.

February... This was the month I got the concept for YADA... Thank you Lord for revealing it to me... through my uncle of course...

March... The Talkaholic was 2 years old in March. Also I discoverd that Afrigator actually ranks blogs and mine was no 45 in Niageria (Now I am no 33).

April... I started Kiss and Tell... Love that blog...

May... MY birthday month...YIPEE!!! I was sick in the hopital and God healed me... Also... YADA came out this month and it rocked. People loved it. Thank God. and My best friend,also the editor of YADA, Bunmi Obanawu became the Vice Chairperson female of the Covenant University Student Council.

June...I started my podcast in this month and started working for Viktory at

July...My name became Anani.... Yahweh is my covering... Hallelujah!! LOL

August.... YADA came out again this month with Glory on the cover. I got Hillsong's Faith+Hope+Love album this month. I decided Kiss and Tell needs to be a book..also I was at the Harambe Conference...I want to add here that I am very thankful for the grace God gave Jeremy and Adie Camp when they lost their baby this month.

September... I entered my final year this month. The YADA website was launched this year and I got the concept for my mixtape this month.

October... It was a blessed month.... Don't wanna go into details

November... I fell in love with the Lemon and Lime flavor of Orbit. YADA November came out this month too..I also found a new hobby... Photography!!

December... Amazing month, The Experience Lagos rocked!! I saw Kirk Franklin live... YIPEE!! Fell in love with Audrey Hepburn, YWAP's Mini was a success, YADA December was released, my mixtape Emunah was released, Colours of Christmas at House on the Rock was amazing... Christmas too was good

I won't deny I have had an amazing year. I am so thankful and grateful to Him becasie this is just the beginning. 2010 is gonna rock!!!

Here are memorable pictures from 2009

The first YADA cover...

I experiment with Photoshop

A song that has been playing in my head...

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