Monday, December 28, 2009

Blog... I must... Pray for Nigeria...I shall!!!

Hey y,all!!!

How is it going down? I know I have not blogged like BLOGGED  in  a while but its just cause I have been really busy. Yeah... that's the truth...

Anyways, things have been OK lately... Xmas was kinda boring but it's all good.. at least I got to hang out with family on that day. Is that not what Christmas is all about???

The Nigerian that tried to blow up a plane is just... I dunno... his dad was a former Bank MD, the guy must have had money at his beck and call. Truth is we can never really tell what prompted him to want to embark on that kinda suicide mission... God help us... The guy, Umar Farouk Abdulmuttalab has been charged by the FBI with bringing a destructive device onto a plane and attempting to destroy a civilian aircraft of the United States in other words...he is a confirmed terrorist... Truth is.. the guy has had his radical views since his teens and they say that he defended the Taliban in class. The Federal Government has ordered a review of security in all airports in Nigeria.

In a weird way, I feel I need to pray for him, he is in the hospital now with burns and all. Let's pray for his healing and that God will change his heart. More importantly, we should pray for Nigeria. There is so much wrong with this country and we have been tagged as corrupt, scammers, cheats... we do not need terrorist added to the list.

I want all of us to pray... travelling to the US is gonna be super hard for us and the protocol go tire you.. na true talk oh!! Also, our fellow Nigerians abroad need our prayer... who knows what the US government will do or say now. Currently, Obama has ordered  an urgent review of how US authorities use terrorist watch-lists to foil attacks on US targets.

God help us oh.. help Nigeria... we need you now!!!


PS: How can DSTV make a child go into terrorism??? Somebody explain because this man did not make any sense...

PS again: Maryam Babaginda will be buried any minute from now.


  1. It's really depressing but I agree that -prayer surely helps.

    May Maryam IBB rest in peace.

  2. Greeting from the US. I just wanted to let you know, most of us realize that first of all this guy was raised in Britain and secondly the fact he is being labeled as a Nigerian terrorist is unfortunate to the good people of your country.

    One man does not make an entire people. Keep up the good work on the blog.


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