Monday, December 14, 2009

My Danfo Experience- Part 2

Hey guys,
What's good guys? So good to be here blogging again. Thank you for the comments on the last post. They were truly amazing and I appreciate it again. Sorry for my inconsistency.. it's due to my lack of a functional Can't wait to get my new one...just keep praying for me...

OK... so I have another danfo experience to share...

I boarded a bus to Oyingbo and as I was about to enter I asked the driver if it was health center or office (Don't worry. You cannot understand). Anyways, he told me it was health center and I entered. Immediately, an old woman behind started shouting that the driver told her it was office not health center. The man tried to explain to the woman but she would not listen . His wife, who was the conductor by the way tried  to explain to the woman but she took offense. She started speaking Yoruba, saying that she was 67 and that she should be respected and that the man has no respect... The husband and his wife told her to respect her old age and all and the next thing she started saying something that sounded like hoku, maka, mmukurinalo... It wasn't funny trust me... The man and his wife said her curses will not work on them... she said they were not curses that any good Christian who goes to Cherubim and Seraphim will know what she is saying... All these was said in Yoruba oh... The long and short of the gist is that they had to drop her off at a place to get another bus and they gave her money.

I have my reservations about what happened in the bus but I am not saying anything... the woman is 67... 3 years younger than my father...I think she deserves a little respect...

To more important information... YWAP Lagos is hosting a concert on Saturday called Mini... It is holding at Praiseville, Majoro Street, Yaba, Lagos and I really would love to see you there.


You can see... It is gonna be mad click here to RSVP to the event... I cant' wait to see you there...



  1. lol at your experience,yeah think your show will be cool

  2. The danfo experience sounds interesting, I wonder why the woman switched to Yoruba?

    All the best with your laptop and the concert.

  3. @Muyiwa...yeah..the show will rock!!!
    @Myne... Thanks...


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