Monday, December 7, 2009

What a wondeful weekend..

Wassap Blogville!!!

Sorry I have been major buzzkill... As you know I don't ahve a laptop anymore so blogging is kinda hard fro me. I am still trusting God though that things will take an amazing turn. Anyways, I had a wonderful weekedn and lemme fill u in on what happened.

On Friday, we wenton our Christmas break and I was so excited!!!! Immediately I got home, I changed and found my way to The Experience 2009... an it was an experience... The coolest worship leaders were there... the music was WOW!!! and Kirk Franklin had an amazing PERFORMANCE!!! It was cool sha... I am so happy I went... I was woth my friends and we took pictures... they re coming soon sha...

On Saturday, I went to see Zombieland at OZone Cinemas... It was a very funny movie and I am so happy I watched it and on Sunday, I went to church... we had Experience part 2... it was beautiful... I then went for YWAP meting in the evening and it was super fun!!!

I felt kibnda bad on sunday when I was going to get fuel for the generator because I saw two kids who ere not older than 5 years old. They ahd been sent from a very far dsitancer by their father to buy fuel and they could not find their way back... I had to help them  find their way back and pay their transport. Also I was angry at their father... why will he send two little children that far distnace to get fuel. Was there no way he could have gone himself? What if something had happened to the kids? I prayed for them as I left them. We need to try our best to stop child labour in Nigeria... It has to stop

YWAP Lagos is having a concert called "Mini".
For more info click here...

Hope to see you there...


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  1. excited for the mini concert YWAP is holdin.
    JOY bra


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