Wednesday, March 3, 2010

I wanna be PAPA Confessor+NAACP Awards Pictures


Wassup blogville, I know it has been a while since I last blogged. Truth is I was ill for a while and even now, I am coughing. It's all good sha... So how have y'all been? What's been happening on blogville. I know must of you are expecting me to talk about the title of this post... welll I got YA!!!..... OK.... Lemme talk....

Well, if you watch Legend of the Seeker, a confessor is someone who has the ability to tell when someone is lying or speaking the truth. They also do this thing with their eyes where they look into someones eye and whoever it is they look at goes through a transformation called confession (OK... I am laughing now) that is the person becomes a slave to the confessor. Apparently, there are no male confessors because they end up being wicked and cruel and they exploit their powers.

(You see thte chic in the white dress...thats Mother Confessor)
Let us note here that I am not the biggest fan of Legend of the Seeker but I find the confessors power very cool. Imagine me being Papa Confessor... do you know the people I will confess???

The NAACP awards just held and some folks represented well. Raven Symone, Tyler Perry and Taraji Henson included. Winners include Pepsi We Inspire, Tyler Perry's House of Payne, Shonda Rhimes of Grey's Anatomy (I never knew she was black) and also the girl from Precious... Check out the pics

(Chris Rock and the Precious chic...Something Sible?...)

(Tyler and Taraji.... Man I love em both... Can you guys start dating? Please...)

(Now That's so Raven... she is 2 fine!!)

(Taraji, the Precious chic and Raven Symone)

(Keke Palmer never stops to amaze me)

(Raven Symone and Monique Coleman. Do you know Monique Coleman is a year older than Beyonce but still she looks amazing!!! Finer than Bee if I might add)

 Other winners include Whitney Houston, God in Me (that song is going places), Keri Hilson, Maxwell and Good Hair.

Gotta go now.... I have a class for 1pm

Stay blessed y'all. Read Proverbs 12:12


PS: I also wanna appear on Tyra Show.... suggestions pls...


  1. I like that pic of Keke

  2. Ah must talk anyhow...

    Thumbs up to "God in me"

    Hope you are doing better now...


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