Monday, March 8, 2010

What is The Hurt Locker???

To say I am angry and disappointed at this years Oscars will be saying the least. Even if Avatar wasn't gonna win any award at all, what  happened to the Best Picture Award. Most people who saw Avatar in 3D have been dying to go to Pendora... that is saying the least. I am beginning to wonder, what is the criteria that is used to give out these awards. I mean if Slumdog Millionaire could beat The Curious Case of Benjamin Buttons at last years Academy Awards then what are we talking about here. I have not seen The Hurt Locker but come on... I heard NOTHING about the movie. Is this about the controversy that the movie brought?

I don't even know what to say. Personally, I feel Avatar has been robbed. I am not endorsing the movie. I am just being honest and stating a statement of fact.There is no movie at all that was on that list that could have beat Avatar.... It's all good ough... Nothing dey

Pictures from the event

Gerard Butler

James Cameron and his wife Suzy

Kathryn Bigelow...She is the director of The Hurt Locker... and James Cameron's ex wife

Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon

Meryl Streep...too fine

 Sandra Bullock

Gabourey Sidibe 

Tyler Perry

Zoe Saldana

I guess imma get over my anger soon... Not like I have a choice... Avatar is still the highest grossing movie of all time and James Cameron has made is though... Gotta go now.... Got to go read...


PS: Can we pray for out brothers and sisters in Jos... again.


  1. i could see you love avatar so much,nice

  2. @Muyiwa...Yes o... I Love the movie and I also want the best guys to win...

  3. the only movie dat i thot was done some injustice was inglorious basterds!
    avatar was good fine.buh they bagged about 6 oscars...inglorious basterds got nothin!

  4. @honey91...Avatar actually got 3 and I have not seen inglorious basterds so I wouldn't know...

  5. avatar was good. finally got to watch it after all the hype. Yes, i suppose it should have gotten best picture at least. na them sabi how they determine the winners. don't worry, at least James Cameron was glad his wife won.

  6. @naija mom abroad... well maybe you have a point


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