Monday, April 12, 2010

Album Review: Sho Baraka- Lions and Liars

When I first heard of Sho Baraka was when I saw the Higher Love video on TV. I remember then I did not get his name so I basically forgot about it until I saw the live performance and then... I fell in love. I got the Turn My Life Up album and i was very impressed.... This guy was worded and could get me on the dance floor...

Now his new album Lions and Liars is off the chain!!! I mean the guy takes hip hop not just Christian hip hop to a whole new level. Through out the album, one message is central...  Lions master their territory and have dominion over it. In that same vain, we as Christians should master our territory, wherever we find ourselves for the glory of God. The album features is label mates; Lecrae, Tedashii and Trip Lee. Also featured is JR, Erica Cumbo, Benjah  and Propaganda. Tracks to look out for are Extinction, Lion's Anthem, Shut us Down, We Can Be More, Revolutionary Died and Oh well. The rap is amazing... The lyrics have depth... The album is poetic, professional... what more do I want to say. The album was No.3 on iTunes... not in the Christian hip hop category but in the mainstream category.

I know not all of you are hip hop fans (and trust me I wasn't one 3 years ago) but please, I need you to get this album... You will love it and the message is loud and clear... You have to get it and you have to get it now... 

The Talkaholic gives this album 10/10

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  1. Thanks for the heads up..will check it out.

  2. Thanks for the tip. I'll be checking it out

  3. sounds good!
    will definately check it out :-)

  4. fam. I knowits a banger for show. havnt jus koppd it yet...
    anyways wher did u get urs from tho. did u buy it off iTunes or where...


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