Thursday, May 6, 2010

All things work together...

So I was supposed to defend my project today but because of the National holiday declared by the Federal Government, it has been moved to tomorrow morning. Anyways, I know that God's hand in it. All things are working together for my good, for His purpose. I am so grateful for the extra time to brush up on  my reading...
Thank you guys for all the good will messages... I am gonna give you the full gist of how it went down tomorrow. Also, Poetically Speaking is dropping on Saturday...which is also my birthday... I cannot wait...

Imma hola back


PS: Pray for the family of our late president. God should give em grace to handle their loss

Do you like this random webcam shot?


  1. True, all things work together. About Yar'Adua, I wish things had been different...especially with all the negative connotations he got from the media in his last days of sickness. Pretty sad, if you think about it.

  2. May Yar'Adua's soul rest in peace. I am currently watching the coverage of his burial. I have to say I am unimpressed. He was a head of state and deserved a more dignified burial than that.

    Have the people who organised it not seen a state burial before? One just wonders...Nigeria needs a lot of prayers.

    Hope all is well.

    From Naijalines

  3. wish you the besta luck with school....

    the picture looks good..and happy birthday in advance :-)

  4. All the best in your defense!

    And, the pic is aiight!

  5. About our President... I think a lot of people already 'killed' him in their minds. All over facebook, I saw people statuses saying "He's"

  6. Happy birthday Harry!!!!!!!! GOD bless u dear!
    this picture...yup...nice!

  7. Good luck on your project and Happy Birthday!


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