Monday, May 31, 2010


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Hey guys. How was the weekend? Mine was OK, with lots of drama and plenty of reflection. I have learnt so much this weekend and I will share it with you during the course of the new month.

I asked y’all to ask me a couple of questions so I could answer. I got a few questions and I am going to answer them now.

1. Where do you see yourself in five years?
In exactly five years from now (By the grace of God), I see myself in my 3rd year at the Hillsong Leadership College in Australia. This will be my final year so I will be perfecting all the things I know to be able to go into ministry.

2. What are you studying?
Mass Communication. It is what I have studied for four years at Covenant University, Ota.

3. Are you planning to publish any written work eventually?
Yes. I actually have three books in the works. The first two are fiction; Kiss and Tell (It chronicles the lives of two different twins) and Restored (The story of a man who wakes up from coma after 10 years). The last book is a nonfiction book and it is called Me and Jesus. The book is about my relationship with Jesus Christ and I am convinced that it will bless the lives of many people.

4. Watermelon or Mango.
I am so for watermelon. I actually do not like mango or anything that has mango in it. Mango juice, mango jam, mango flavoured anything does not work for me.

5. Edikaikong or Egusi.
Edikaikong baby!!! I am already hungry now. lol

6. Who is Harry? (Got this one from Facebook)
Harry is a 20 something year old guy with many shortcomings but he is made perfect in Christ. He loves to hang out with friends, listen to music, write, blog and shout the fame of Jesus. He also has a passion for Spoken Word and he is a Spoken Word artist.

This came from T.Notes
How do u upload a video without having a you-tube downloader on your system?
In all my years,if typewriters were still trendy,I'd probably still be comfy with those ancient gadgets-totally refusing to be more tech savvy/compliant!

Well, you don't need a Youtube downlaoder to upload or download a video from youtube. To upload, have an account with Youtube and a good internet connection and it is uploading galore. To download, just install the latest version of real player on your system. It will install a plug-in on your browser that will enable you to download videos from Youtube.
As regards the second question... I can NEVER be comfy with ancient gadgets... I love to be tech savvy.

Here they are. The answers to all the questions you asked me and I hope I answered them well. If you have more questions to ask you can still ask them and I will sure answer them.

Voting for the Nigerian Blog Awards has commenced so people you can start to vote. Yours truly has been nominated in four categories (Best Poetry Blog, Inspiring Blog, Best Student Blog and the Nigerian Blog of the Year). I would appreciate it if you can proceed here to cast your votes. I will really appreciate it. In addition, I got an amazing poem on Anani Speaks. Check it out here.

Thanks guys for your time. I have to go read now. Take care guys.


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PS: Meditate on this Isa 61:11- For as the earth bringeth forth her bud, and as the garden causeth the things that are sown in it to spring forth; so the Lord GOD will cause righteousness and praise to spring forth before all the nations.


  1. I like the new template, or maybe I'm stale sef! I have my own questions, don't worry ild send them when I've been able to compile them.
    Btw, hillsong, whoa that's huge!

  2. Oh Hillsong, that's HUGE! All the best with that.

    EDIKAIKONG ALL the way oh!

    Thanks for answering...

  3. I'm so glad we connected via blogsville. May you aspirations come to pass, every single one of them. I look forward to reading those books. Restored seems like the one I'll read first...cos I want to find out what happens after the coma.

    Kudos Harry!

  4. :) the LORD is ur strength and in HIM u find guidance..

  5. what kind person doesn't like
    May God's plans for your life manifest..Amen


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