Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The iPhone gets cooler

There are iPhone apps and THERE ARE iPhone apps. I am not really a fan of apps but when I see one that is cool and free, I have to talk about it.

I love when I see innovation in ministry. To see people of God take time out and think of better ways to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ and that is what Wave Study Bible Ministry has done. They have created an application for the iPod Touch and iPhone that will make the Bible very convenient to read. It is built for the average person meaning you don't have to be a professor in theology to use the application. It has multiple bible versions for deeper understanding. It does not have distracting footnotes.It is just straight Bible and tips on how to read it. I honestly think you should try it... Visit their site here for more information.


PS: Birthday is on Saturday... I am counting down


  1. That's neat! I just got an iphone so I'll probably check this app out!

    I'm frugal though, so I was disappointed to see that not all versions of the bible are free...the NIV is not free. I'm sure it's probably very affordable though!

  2. I think it should be affordable since the main Bible is free


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