Tuesday, May 25, 2010


http#nowplaying The Washington Projects- Love is like an Ocean
True love is like an ocean,
Like every shade of blue,
And every time I feel it,
I don’t know what to do,
But smile...

This is totally unrelated to this post but I am very happy. I was somewhat nervous about my exams but God has been showing Himself strong in my papers. He is too faithful, I mean honestly I know that He is the one that is working and showing Himself strong in my examinations. I love Him too much.

NakedSha tagged me in a post last month and the post was called “Ten Things I Love.” First, I want to apologize to her for just doing mine. I totally do not have an excuse and I am sorry. Anyways, this is it so sit back and read the ten things I love.
1.    God. He is Immortal, Invisible, the ONLY wise God. The One who was, who is and who is to come. He is so loving and I wonder why He loves me. I look at my life and I can CLEARLY see His hand over my life. What can I say? I love Him so much.
2.    Family. I love my family. Trust me, we are not The Huxtables. In fact, we are FAR from being The Huxtables but I love my family. I love my mother, my father, my siblings... you should see me when I am talking about my family. My friends can testify to the look I have or the way I feel when I have not spoken to any of them. I love them so much.
3.    Friends. I love my friends. Bunmi, Glory, Vivian, Ndatse, Isoken, Ope, Otaigbe, Chiago, Chiwi, Victor, Ngbede, Stephen, Funmi... they are amazing. I love having conversations with them. I love fighting with them. I love when we just chill together. I love when we talk about serious issues. I love when they encourage me in my faith. It is amazing. I love you guys!
4.    Writing. There is nothing as good as pouring out your thoughts on paper. When I write, I get to see things clearly. It is amazing when I really want to say things but I cannot because I would rather put it down on paper. Some people say I am not a good writer so I should not bother writing. Well, it is too late for that because I am addicted.
5.    Music. I love music. I cannot imagine an hour passing by without me listening to music. Even without a device playing, the song will play in my mind. It is as if I can hear the song and sometime I get my dance on. Right now, I am even listening to music. Kind of music I like- anything that makes sense. I cannot listen to songs that do not pass a positive message. I love music that makes me think even when I am dancing. Now you see why I love Sho Baraka so much. The artists I like are Hillsong Live (Their new album A Beautiful Exchange drops July 2010), Sho Baraka (Lions and Liars is off the chain!!!), Out of Eden (I miss them so much), The Washington Projects (Light Up The Dark frops June 2010), Group 1 Crew (I can't wait for the new video) and the likes.
Picture from Rapzilla.com
6.    Notepads/Notebooks/Journals. I love them. I spend most of my money buying notepads or cool notebooks or journals. Some of them are still empty, some of my friends have obtained some, some have been stolen but I still love to own them. I can get inspired anytime and it is good to have a notepad where you can put your thoughts in. One of my notebooks was a denim hardcover note and I wrote many things there but it was stolen. I was not the same for a week.
7.    Max Lucado. The first time I heard of Max Lucado was when one of my friends read one of His books and could not stop making noise about it. I am quite sceptical about Christian themed nonfiction books so I felt that he was probably one of them Christian authors who want to teach me a “Christian” version of the mainstream motivation messages. Everything changed when I read “The Applause of Heaven.” I loved the book so much I wrote a poem about it. Since then, Max Lucado never disappoints me. I have learnt so much from Him in a year and now I consider him my mentor.
8.    Talking. I am talkative. Most people think otherwise but you should ask my friends. I can talk a lot. I know it is not good too talk too much so I try to control myself but truth is I enjoy talking especially if I am talking to a group of people and I am telling them things they don’t really know. It is so cool. Talking is something I love to do although when you meet me for the first time, I WILL not strike you as someone that talks but do not mind the facade. I dey talk oh!!!
9.    Blogging. There is nothing that is as cool as blogging, especially when you are a Nigerian blogger. It is so much fun. I have been blogging since March, 2007 and back then it used to be kind of boring because I did not use to read other blogs. I will just post random stuff and my sister (Wise Sage) and Seye will read it and comment but things have changed. I have met amazing people on blogville and trust me the list is endless. I love blogging especially Blogville Naija... I am planning a party for us soon so keep your ears to the ground.
10.    Food. I love food. Rice, bread, egg, chicken, meat, banga, starch, dodo, noodles, spaghetti, potatoes, akara, moin moin, junk food... I love food and now I am hungry.

I hope you all enjoyed it. So now, I am tagging Dew, T-Notes, Rotex, Tolu Akanni and Chiwi. I am also doing a Q and A here. NakedSha has done it on her blog (This young lady inspires me) and Brooke Fraser also did it on her own blog so I want to do mine. So you can drop your questions after you comment or you can send your questions to my email harryitie@gmail.com. I am waiting for your questions.

The Nigerian Blog Awards are here and the Group A Category nominations have been released. Yours truly was nominated four times (Best Poetry Blog, Inspiring Blog, Best Student Blog and Nigerian Blog of the Year). You have no clue how I feel. Thank you guys for nominating me, but it does not end here. Voting starts May 31st and I will appreciate it if you guys vote for me. Thank you so much guys. To visit the Nigerian Blog Awards site, click here.

Thank you once again for reading this lengthy post. It has been a while since I blogged like this. Take care of yourself people. I have to go and read for my next paper. God bless you


#nowplaying Stacie Orrico- Everything
And I will give you my heart,
Together will make it right,
And I will say to,
What is for sure?
And I will give you my world,
And baby I’ll be your girl (boy),
And I will say to you,
Everything I have is yours...

Meditate on Colossians, the 3rd chapter, the first verse. It says in The Message translation “So if you're serious about living this new resurrection life with Christ, act like it. Pursue the things over which Christ presides.”


  1. Hahaha, I am so with you on the notepad addiction!!!I buy notepad everywhere!!!I have a drawer full of snatzy notepads that i haven't used yet n i keep buying them!!!

    Hmmm, just checking out these WP guys on youtube. Reminds me of SoulJahz-Dunno if u know them. Not bad taste u got there. Hillsong United and Fred Hammond, Ooooh Lord, those cds i cannot live without!(God Lord,forgive the sacriledge but u know its so near the truth!)I drop by@laterna almost every month end to appease my Hillsong united live craving, and i hate that i haven't found Fred's Love Unstoppable album anywhere in this country!!!!
    Ooops, this is spsd to be a comment not my blogPage!Thanx4 the tag man, i will pick up the chain soon!
    Do great things.

  2. awwwwwwwwww.
    Things we have in common: Everything+Juanita+Rev Mrs Adejumo's msgs.
    Anywayz, Congratulations on ur nominations dearie, u deserve the best. To All ur haters, we got da last laugh forever. Love u dearie,but where is YWAP?

  3. @T.Notes... you are my new best friend..lol... and The Washington Projects used to be known as Souljahz... I also have Fred's new album...if u want it I can give it to u

    @Viv... u know how we do now...an trust me... YWAP skipped my mind

  4. Thank you so much, Harry. I'm touched.

    YEY U, U did urs...and I like.

    I have questions to ask you so hurry :)

    Congrats oh, I saw your nominations and you deserve them. Alright, let the voting begin.


  5. :) thanks Harry.
    I'll do mine much later though.
    btw, good to knw I've got ppl with notepad genes too.

  6. Hmmm,So now I know you better..
    Congrats on the nomination.

  7. We share a few things in common so I am in love with this post...
    Instead of Max Lucado though, I will insert Myles Munroe/John C. Maxwell for mine.. haha.
    Congrats on your nomination bro. Will surely vote for u.
    My question... where do you see yourself in 5 years?

    - LDP

  8. wow since 07. you are an elder blogging, greetings..lol.

    congrats on your nominations.

  9. SMH! We wey be lil frnds... God still remember our names o!

  10. Hmnn! Impressive. Much of this would feature if I had to compile a similar list too - but there would be one minor alteration! Food would come second. lmao. Great work.



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