Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Random Discussions: Have you loved someone that did not love you back?

This is something I feel is very common to a lot of people and it has happened to me.The deal is some know how to deal with it, others don't... I really want to know how you (if you have been in this position), I want to know how you dealt with it...

So this is the question..have you loved someone that did not love you back? How did you deal with it?


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  1. First talk 2 God about it and if the person is truly 4 u..he or she wuld love u back but if he/she isnt..den the feelings will gradually matter how long it takes, it will still disappear and u will be able to love and be loved again.....

  2. They say if someone is for u, let them go and they'll come back.

    Its not easy but u probably need to let the person off the love hook and just be friends.

  3. It has happened to me and I just had to let it go and let the person be. Not easy but it's like Honey said, if they're meant for you, it will work out.

  4. I watched this video on youtube. Interesting discussion. My answer will come out in Nolimit's upcoming post... "in the name of all things women"

    - LDP

  5. Well, love is a strong word, but I've liked someone who didn't like me back, yes. In my opinion, the best thing to do is to accept that you can't make him/her feel a certain way. He/she may eventually grow to like or even love you in return but how long are you willing to wait for that to happen? At some point you're just going to have to let that person go. That's what I did, and I'm saner for it.


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