Friday, August 6, 2010

Ije: Nollywood's finest...

First, I do not review movies. I am bad at it. What I do is just share my experience with the movie and my experience with the movie was awesome.
The movie stars Omotola and Genievieve as Anya and Chioma respectively. I am not giving a synopsis of the movie so please don't bother.
As I watched the movie, one thing came to my mind, Nigeria has got talent. Funny thing is I am not referring to any of the popular actors featured in the film. The talent I am talking about are the writers, producer and director. They did an AMAZING job. The shots were on point. Even the not so popular foreign stars were fantastic.
Just want to say that Ije is a must watch. It its a family flick and I employ that if you are Nigerian, you must watch this movie.
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  1. this is painful jore...but I have faith they'll show it here :)


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