Wednesday, September 8, 2010

I could care less what you think!

Truth is, I could care less what you think.

This is me. I am 21. I am young. I am vibrant. I love God. I adore Him so much. I love His son, Jesus Christ who died on the cross for my sins and to offer me a place in Heaven. I love the Holy Spirit because He is my amazing comforter.

Despite my imperfections, I could care less what you think. I believe that Jesus Christ is the WAY, the TRUTH and the LIFE and that if I believe in Him, His work on the cross and His resurrection, I will not just have eternal life but I automatically become a son of God.

I am working and walking towards perfection. Don't you dare say I can't be perfect. I am not satisfied with my way of life. There is so much I can do with my life and there is so much God has in store for me. Therefore, I have to put Him first. Whatever is true, godly and of a good report is all I need at this point.

I am in a different phase of my life. Don't be offended by my beliefs. You have yours and I have mine and I choose to believe whatever... This is what I choose.

We operate a democracy and we live in a secular nation. I refuse to be put down so please don't even try it. This what I believe and I could care less what you think.

Now this is my belief: that to ALL who BELIEVE in Jesus Christ, he gives power to be called the sons of God and automatically, I and everyone else who believes are joint heirs with Him and we are just lower than Elyon.

This is what I believe that if I like myself, I better trust steadingly in God, put my hope in Him and love Him extravagantly. I believe that I am part of His divine plan. I believe so much in Him that this is no longer belief. It is me.

I believe that the stone that the builders rejected is the Christ, the Son of the living God and I still care less what you think!


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  1. If there was a like button, I would have 'liked' this.

  2. I loved the way you redefined the devotion...

    This -> 'I believe so much in Him that this is no longer belief. It is me.' sums it all for me.

    Nice piece!

    *And thank God I can now post comments on your blog! U sed to have difficulties with that. It must be after you changed the layout.

  3. I like your mood these days. You're going places.

  4. Fire!!.... fire burn..... fam. no sending.... GO GO GET IT bra. "YESGod" I gotta say. JOY

  5. Nice!

    Please who or what is Elyon?

  6. I likeeee :)
    Thats a good way 2 look @ life!

    p.s-How do u manage 4 blogs?


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