Thursday, October 21, 2010

Awake and other things

If this is your first time... You know what to do
Ok guys, I am doing a little research on coma patients and marriage so the 3rd instalment is coming soon. But I wanna ask though now that Ifeoma is married again without a divorce, what do you think will happen to her marriage with Kola? What of their son? And is Dotun now a good guy? In general, what do yo think of the story? I wanna know...

Now to other things, I am going for my NYSC so just chill for my NYSC blog cuz it will rock.

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Thanks and Trotcha

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  1. well its a tricky one coz if i was ifeoma i would be torn between the two and the question is did she have closure??? as for dotun it depends, did he wait the whole time or did he just come on the scene?? as for the son it must have been hard to grow up without his dad i mean he was alive but not there..if u know what i mean.

    i think its an interesting concept to find everyone and life has moved on except to cope with that and reintergrate to Nigeria as well ..its going to be intersting to see what you come up with.

  2. If you're talking about the Nigerian setting, you it makes no difference if she's married to someone else.. Nothing is going to happen. Besides she had stayed for a reasonable number of years before moving on..
    Legal point of view, the time given is 7years so, you see..

  3. God bless on the NYSC ;) I think that is your 'mission field'.. hehe. keep the stories coming, bro!

  4. @2cute4 I wasnt meaning marriage..i meant in terms of reintergrating in society as i believe (maybe I am wrong) that all societies are different in a way although they may be similar.

  5. all the best with nysc and pray they do not throw you in some bush.

  6. Pls tell me: where have you been posted to?

  7. maybe she didn't really marry Dotun but just moved in with him. That would make her decisions more interesting.

    SO where were you posted?


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