Friday, February 4, 2011

How do you know you love me?

"How do you know you love me?" Was all you could ask?

I look into your hazel eyes and say

The thought of you makes me smile,
Your voice is music to my soul,
Your touch is like that of an angel,
You are simply awesome

You look at me closely and you say
"That is not enough. How are you sure this is love"

I smile and I say

Because I'd rather talk to you instead of sleep with you
I'd rather pray with you instead of make demands
It is because I care for you deeply, more than you can imagine
It us because I don't think I can go a that without you

You laugh and say "Really? That is not good enough"

I smile and say

Maybe like Brandy, I found the definition of love in you
I guess I see the love of the Father been expressed in you,
Maybe it is because what I feel is more than butterflies
Maybe it is cause it runs deep

You smile and say "Deep. Please"

I hold you hands and say

I love you! Is that not enough?

You smile and give me a hug

"I love you too, Harry Itie"


  1. It was about time you wrote a poem.

    How are things?

    Nice poem!

  2. True, NakedSha said it. I like the flow and the simplicity :D Awesome.

  3. Oh wow,nicey luvey feelings reading this!

  4. You've done your thing again! Cool poem!

  5. WE can give all the reasons... but 'I love you' sums them all up!!!

    Beautiful poem, Harry. I can feel love from here..... its ooozing o!! hehe!

    God bless!!

  6. I felt the smoothness of the makes one easily connect to the writer and feels what the writer feels... it create a picture in mind the same or almost the same as that from in the heart of the writer...Harry, I felt it so much

  7. good poetry always runs deep and this is lovely...

    thanks for visiting and folling me on CL...I greatly appreciate it.

  8. Thanks guys for the comments...


  9. Chee. More than worth the wait! Very nice one you've got here. Hope you're good.


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