Friday, March 11, 2011

Can we just pray for Japan already!

News got out this morning that Japan had been struck with an 8.9 magnitude earthquake, killing 60 people and leaving 56 people missing. Some Nigerians thought it wise to tweet about it and ask their fellow Nigerians to pray for the country and for the healing in the land. Some other Nigerians started replying tweets like "charity begins at home" or "have you prayed for your own country" or "what about Jos".

I know our country has issues but come on, Japan needs our prayers more than ever. To some people in Japan, Nigeria is the place they will rather be in right now. Some people there have lost their families and loved ones due to the flood.  The least you can do is to pray for them. No one is asking you to donate money or go on a relief trip to the country. All you can do is just say a word of prayer for them. Let God comfort them now that they mourn. Let's pray that this might be a way that these people can come to the knowledge of Him.

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